Sahar Aseeri, Kyle Condiff, Maximilian Klein, Baris Unver
Publication year: 2017


We created the “freedge” smartfridge network to level the playing field for the 1 in 10 Americans that live with “food insecurity”, the condition of not knowing where a next meal will come from at least once per week. To understand more about how to alleviate hunger, we spoke with food assistance organizations and conducted a cultural probe with the general public. Our research suggested our design must (1) focus on both the short- and long-term problems (2) be close to people’s homes (3) support ad-hoc use (4) enable low-obligation volunteering. Our prototype “freedge” is a device for neighborhoods to collect and distribute food donations. It has built-in cameras and locking compartments, with a companion app that allows users to browse and reserve food remotely as well as to crowdsource quality assurance.